Quiz 10 & 11… Alma 13-32

  1. Who compares the word unto a seed— That it must be planted and nourished — then it grows into a tree from which the fruit of eternal life is picked? (Alma 32)
  2. What is the place where the Zoramites did go forth and offer up the same prayers which, being interpreted, is the holy stand? (Alma 31)
  3. Korihor demands a sign. What sign did the Lord give Korihor? (Alma 30)
  4. Who has all power and comprehends all things? (Alma 26)
  5. The Lamanites in seven lands and cities are converted— They call themselves? (Alma 23)
  6. (One of Br. Carter’s favorite stories…) Lamoni’s father wants to know about the gospel, so Aaron teaches him about? (3 things) (Alma 22)
  7. (Another one of Br. Carter’s favorite stories…) Many say that King Lamoni lies dead, and that he stinketh. The queen says she doesn’t think he’s dead (and that he always smells that way). What is happening to King Lamoni? (Alma 19:6)
  8. Who does King Lamoni suppose that Ammon is?
  9. While Ammon was guarding King Lamoni’s sheep, what happened to every man that lifted his club to smite Ammon?
  10. Who were delivered from the prison as it burned and the walls fell to the ground?

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